Why More Businesses Are Turning to Serviced Accommodation In Abuja

Increasingly companies are considering serviced accommodation as opposed to hotels and B2B’s when it comes to business travel arrangements. Serviced apartments offer a range of benefits and can be particularly worthwhile during longer period stays. Here are some of the reasons why more businesses are turning to serviced accommodation.

A Cost-Effective Option

Serviced accommodation is competitively priced in comparison to the more obvious choices of hotels, B&B’s and other similar solutions. What is more, with serviced apartments, the nightly rate often reduces as the number of nights required increases. This is a particular incentive for businesses if they know their employees are required to be in one location for an extended period of time. Although, this is not to say that shorter bookings of two or three nights aren’t cost effective. Selecting serviced accommodation will likely price match and potentially be a more economical option in comparison to a hotel or B&B stay.

Superior Facilities

Not only are serviced apartments a competitively priced option, they also benefit from high quality interior attributes including pleasant living areas, fully functioning kitchens and luxuriously finished spaces. They are a great choice for those travelling on business as a hassle-free and reliable service that is ideal for self-catered stays and can be transformed into a working space if required. With fast WiFi, entertainment packages and housekeeping, businesses can rest assured that their employees will be content and comfortable during their time away.

Advantageously Spacious

Hotel and B&B rooms typically comprise of a limited open bedroom area with a separate bathroom, whereas serviced accommodation resembles modern and homely apartments with various spaces. The main difference being that with a serviced apartment, businesses can offer a home away from home feel, which is much more comfortable for employees that are required to travel and work remotely.

Prime and Desirable Locations

When travelling on business the location of accommodation is a key factor. Serviced apartment buildings are strategically placed in and around areas of importance with advantageous transport links. This ensures employees have peace of mind during their commute and remain connected to the rest of the city at all times. In addition to being well placed to work, serviced apartments are also admirably close by to restaurants, shops and leisure activities.

A Private and Flexible Experience

Businesses are identifying serviced accommodation as a viable solution due to the favourable customer experience. Serviced apartments allow their users to have their own space that can be comfortably lived in for short or long periods of time. Those staying have the flexibility to live as if they were at home; preparing meals, working from a productive space and winding down after work in a comfortable living area.

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